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Carbash is an event that we throw to fundraise for the other events that we throw at Western every year. Students get to take a swing at the car to release some stress that they have built up through the semester.
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Safe Smart Driving is one of our most popular events where we have students drive a golf cart around campus while wearing "drunk goggles" to simulate the dangers of driving while intoxicated.
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Get On The Ball is an event that Zeta Beta Tau does nationally that helps raise funds for Childrens Miracle Network.

We Take Philanthropy Seriously

Here at Western, Zeta Beta Tau is known for our fundraising and philanthropic endeavors. We've thrown every ounce of energy into bettering the community around us and raising funds for community service. We've managed to reach several of our goals such as winning the best greek life event for our "Green Light Go!" and raising the second most funds for Western's relay for life in 2016!